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All AluForce boats at a glance


Our Adventure Line boats have so-called “reverse”
Chinese ”so that the spray is deflected downwards away from the boat. This guarantees a dry ride without splashing water. The chin of these Chinese is between 12 and 14 degrees. Additional slide rails bring the boat to slide early and divert more water from the hull.

As a result, the boat uses less fuel and requires less energy. The slide rails are made of solid aluminum and thus offer increased mechanical protection. All boats in the Adventure Line series have a U-profile that is permanently welded to the keel, which provides additional protection in the event of ground contact.

Reverse chine

directs the spray downwards and stabilizes the boat when it comes to a standstill 1 of 2
Slide rails 2 of 2

Reverse chine

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Slide rails 2 of 2

Directs the
Spray from the boat

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Pointed bow

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M-shape at the rear

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Like a hull with “Reverse Chines” of the Adventure Line, the M-hull of the Speed Line series repels the spray downwards in the back of the hull. The bow is extremely narrow and sleek. In this way, not only higher speeds are achieved, but waves are also cut through without loss of energy, instead of jumping over them or having to displace the water.