AF 900 - AluForce


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AluForce AF 900

The AluForce 900 has even more space than the AF 870. This model is approved for up to 10 people and is very suitable for the commercial sector. The extra high walls in the cockpit of 73 cm and an additional railing height of 15 cm ensure maximum safety. The AF 900 also has an offshore bracket and thus an extended hull. The engines are installed behind the stern, which creates more space in the cockpit. With the bracket, the boat lies approx. 80 cm longer in the water and thus supports the already very stable and fast driving style in heavy rough water. The traditionally built hull with its deep V-shape is designed for outboards with up to 500 HP (also double engines). The cabin, in which up to 4 adults can sleep in the bow, can be equipped with a powerful auxiliary heater. Together with a separate toilet room as standard and a kitchen option, the equipment also enables longer day trips. The AF 900 can also be trailered with the appropriate towing vehicle and trailer size.

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Technical data for AluForce AF 900

Body length 8.57 m
Hull length:

Length overall: 

Empty weight:
Motor shaft length:
Number of people:
Sleeping places:
Keel angle middle / rear:
Recommended engine power:
Max. Engine power:
Max. Engine weight:
Tank volume:
8.57 meters
8.92 meters
2.55 meters
1950 KG
2.51 meters
0.7 / 0.6 meters
0.52 meters
23 ° / 21 °
1200 KG
300 hp
400 hp
540 KG
400 L