AluForce Pilothouse 740, now with toilet cubicle as an option - AluForce


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AluForce Pilothouse 740, now with toilet cabin as an option

Pilothouse AluForce 740

AluForce Pilothouse 740 now with toilet cubicle as an option.

The AluForce 740 offers its owners all the advantages of the dynamically stable and robust pilot house model series. Even in heavy rough water, it impresses with its stable and fast driving style. The AF 740 has an offshore bracket that extends the hull and the fact that the motors are installed behind the stern creates more space in the cockpit. The rough water properties improve again because the boat with the bracket is about 80 cm longer in water. With space for up to six adults, the AluForce 740 is a real space saver.


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