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Delays at the Juist ferry are cushioned

The additional ferry connection we built from Norddeich to Juist, the "Töwerland-Express", was planned for March 2019. The ship, specially developed by our experienced engineers for the company Mediterran GmbH, is 10.9 m long and can carry a maximum of 12 passengers and luggage take with you per trip. This means that it is significantly faster and, above all, more flexible than the scheduled service operated by the Norden-Frisia shipping company up to now. Every construction detail must be clarified by the ship safety BG Verkehr and correspond to the specified BG certifications. This means that the new “flagship” from AluForce is no longer a sports boat but a small commercial vehicle.

But because the test permits, which urgently need to be available at the start of construction, have been delayed, the additionally planned ferry line, which will in future call at the island of Juist 2 to 3 times per tide, has to start operating temporarily with a smaller ship from us in March. Jörg Schmidt will start with ours AluForce Pilothouse 740 and 8 seats.

If all goes well, hopefully more commercial boats from AluForce will be able to commence their service to the East Frisian islands in the next few years.

You can get more information about the Töwerland-Express from the Ostfriesenzeitung.



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