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Our shipyard

We are a shipyard that specializes in the manufacture of aluminum boats of the highest quality and we deliver throughout Europe. Our boats are handcrafted in the Baltic States.

We have developed all models in cooperation with experienced and highly qualified engineers with the requirement of maximum reliability for a wide variety of purposes.

All AluForce boats are made exclusively from aluminum AlMg4,5; an extremely stable, rust-free and seawater-resistant
Aluminum / magnesium alloy built.

Because of the special material, the boats are a third lighter than conventional plastic boats. A well thought-out construction makes them extremely resilient and unsinkable.

Thus, they are not only designed for commercial use as work boats in rough water, but are also perfectly suited as fishing boats and for families.

Every single boat is handcrafted by experienced and certified skilled workers and is subject to constant quality controls. Our boats have proven themselves for many years - e.g. on the North and Baltic Seas.


30 % lighter than glass fiber reinforced plastic with higher stability at the same time.


Versatile for business, fishing and families with high security needs.

Low maintenance

Interior with very spacious cabins. Ideal for groups and families.

100 % aluminum-magnesium

Not just aluminum. Highest quality material made of an aluminum / magnesium alloy.


Because lighter than all other conventional materials, faster with the same engine power.


Interior with very spacious cabins. Ideal for groups and families.


Aluminum is a sustainable material that can be easily recycled.

100 % welded

All connections on the fuselage are permanently welded, not riveted.

For sure

Greatest possible focus on safety, e.g. high railing both in the buck area and in the cockpit.


By using AlMg4,5 neither osmosis, rotting nor rust, as with other raw materials.

Stable value

Above average prices for aluminum boats on the used market.


The inner lining with the Styrodur float makes the boats almost unsinkable.